Knoxville Catholic Day Camp event image

July 8 - 11 2024
Knoxville Catholic Day Camp

7/8/24 - 7/11/24

Mon 1:00PM to Thu 4:00PM

9 - 18

Knoxville Catholic High School

Half Day (1pm-4pm)

We welcome individuals at any level to our camp, and we guarantee you will leave a better player. Our curriculum for individual technical and tactical player development is a proven winner.


Whether you want to play for the USA, become an NCAA All-American, or make your local select team, our camp will get you there. Due to the popularity of these camps, please apply early because once a camp is closed, no additional applications will be taken.

All Campers will receive a Nike ball, backpack, and t-shirt!

Sample Schedule

Day 1
  • 12:00PM - Check-In
  • 1:00PM - Opening Ceremonies and Training
  • 3:00PM - Games
  • 4:00PM - Camp ends

Day 2 & 3
  • 12:30PM - Staff Arrives/Camper arrival
  • 1:00PM -Training
  • 3:00PM - Games
    • 4:00PM - Camp ends

Day 4
  • 12:30PM - Staff Arrives/Camper arrival
  • 1:00PM -Training
  • 3:00PM - Games
    • 4:00PM - Closing Ceremonies


Are Camp Discounts Available?

We offer team and sibling discounts. We also offer occasional EARLY BIRD discounts during the specific times of the year. If interested, contact us for the specific discount code. Please note only one discount code is allowed per camper registration


We recognize that sometimes plans change and you must withdraw your child from camp. Cancellation and reduction in registration must be made in writing and are subject to the following: The cancellation fee for our camps will be $100 per camper/session with the remaining balance refunded. For online registrations, a credit will be issued to the credit card used for initial registration. For all others, a refund check will be mailed. Should a cancellation occur and you wish to roll over the camp fee to another camp and/or year, full credit will be given.

CANCELLATION FOR MEDICAL REASONS -All campers are subject to the above policy; however, concessions may be made in the event of an unavoidable medical cancellation. Should you need to cancel your registration on medical grounds, we ask that you provide a signed medical note from your Doctor and that you contact us directly to discuss the cancellation. In a case of major illness, injury, or serious family situation while at camp, refunds will be provided minus administrative fees and the days spent at camp.


All campers attending one of our residential sites will receive Nike t-shirt, Nike backpack, and Nike Soccer ball. Those campers attending one of our Day Camp sites will ONLY receive a Nike t-shirt and Nike backpack and must bring their own ball. ALL campers MUST bring their own water bottle.

I registered online but I did not receive confirmation. Why not?

If you register online and you did not receive confirmation - first check your spam folder. Then reach out to the Firewood Camps team at

Where do I send the balance of my payment?

Any balance may be mailed at least 14 days in advance of camp to: 

Ralph Lundy Soccer Academy, 
2305 Chadbury Lane
Mount Pleasant, SC

Final payment at check-in is also an option.

Will I receive a confirmation?

Yes. Internet applications will receive an immediate reply. Mailed-in applications will receive confirmation via e-mail, PROVIDED an e-mail address is listed. You MUST include e-mail address on the application where indicated to receive confirmation.


Each day begins with a technical training session dedicated to teaching the proper techniques of dribbling, passing & receiving, controlling with various surfaces, heading, etc. These sessions will be completed on a blacktop where the player is challenged with the speed of play and the ability to control the ball. During these sessions the camper will absolutely wear the ball out with touches. We feel this is an extremely unique style that greatly benefits each player involved. Goalkeepers will go with the goalkeeper coaches to attend a field session working on the techniques specialized to their own unique position.

 The second session will be conducted as a traditional field session where the player will incorporate the techniques learned in the parking lot onto the field. It is here where the players really learn to use their individual skills to their advantage in more tactical game situations. These sessions will teach the finer points of the game including movement with and without the ball, maintaining ball possession in and out of tight spaces, and building through a more defined system of play. Following this session the players will head to lunch and take a break.

 The third session incorporates more skill-type work; this session will also be on a field setting. Here the players will work on things such as crossing and finishing, combining passes to get forward, and team defending tactics. These sessions, just like the first two, all build on one another to give the player a wide range of reps and experience.

 The players will complete the day with dinner and about four hours of game play. Small sided and full sided games will be played the remainder of the night. Here, the players get to use all of the skills and lessons learned in training and get to apply them to real games.

Is there a goalkeeper specific training offered at all camp sessions?

There is specialized goalkeeper training offered for players interested in continuing their specialization in the position. The goalkeeper portion of the camp puts the player in a rigorous and competitive environment. The amount of repetitions each goalkeeper will get is unlike many other goalkeeper specific camps. 

The goalkeeper will participate in goalkeeper specific sessions during the daily sessions and then will combine with the field players for the games at night allowing the goalkeepers to learn and hone their technical ability while learning through and from the game itself. Campers interested in completing the goalkeeper portion of camp are encouraged upon registration to mark goalkeeper in the player selection section. Goalkeepers are asked to bring the necessary equipment: gloves, shin guards, specific jerseys/pants/shorts.

How do I register my team?

For groups of 10 or more, or multi-child families, we offer a $50 Discount per participant for our Residential Camps and a $25 Discount per participant for our Day Camps. To register your team, contact Ralph Polson (, Assistant Director, for a team discount code, specific to your group.

Can Parents and Coaches attend sessions?

All sessions are open, and we encourage parents and coaches to visit. Bring your notebooks and video cameras. Copies of the curriculum are always available, upon request

Directions to Academy Sites?

Directions to our Academy sites can be found here.